And That's Just the Way it Is!

Each one of us has a prism through we perceive reality. Further, each of us has a different way of processing information. How much of what we see is affected by the light in our eyes? Since, this is true for our natural perception (for those with 20-20 vision for example), is it not also true for those who can see inter-dimensionally? How does light affect those who can see into the spiritual world? Is it because they have more light or a different kind of light to see? Interesting thought to ponder. How about your life, is how much of what you perceive conditioned by the amount of light (truth) you have? Deception brings darkness, the opposite of light. Is it any wonder we are continuously deceived by what we see and hear because the darkness we allow in our own eyes and ears does not permit us to see or hear the truth? God's Word is true and that's just the way it is!