Living Life for Real or for Show?

Recently, I had a conversation wherein the person I was speaking to was questioning the validity of the ideas and thoughts I was presenting to people. Out of love for me, they cautioned me to be very careful of what I was saying to people. Their thought was, if some of the things I was saying proved to be untrue, then it would ruin my Christian witness. Scripture says "God will be proved true, though every man is proved to be a liar." That verse is pretty rough. Frankly, I am not concerned about my "Christian witness". My relationship with my Father is all that matters to me. I am not living my life for "show". I have no interest in being a "good boy" or a "well meaning Christian". I do not care what others may think of me. I am only concerned what does my Father think of me? I know He loves me, no matter what I do. If I get off track in some way, He will correct me, He always does. My trust, my confidence, my life is in Him, in whom I live and move and have my being. 

May you ponder this thought for your own life today.