Time Heals All Things, or Does it?

Sometimes a thought gets lodged into our minds and we just cannot seem to shake loose of it. No matter how much time transpires, we remain stuck in that one thought. Worse yet, it could be a bad thought. 

I just had my 50th High School reunion and an 69 year old man approached me and asked me to forgive him. I said "Certainly I would forgive you, but what was it you did that you need me to forgive you for doing?" He said 50 years ago I dropped a touchdown pass you threw to me! I looked into his teary red, bloodshot eyes and thought to myself, after 50 years this one thought has bothered this man, possibly every day for half a century! He was caught in the failure of that one moment and carried that bad thought his whole life up to this point. When I looked into his eyes I saw he was an alcoholic. He tried to medicate himself all his adult life from the pain of that one moment, over an inconsequential action in a football game. Yet, the enemy of our souls has used it to keep him in bondage from that day forward addicted to alcohol, feeling so bad about himself. So far the enemy had robbed him of his calling and destiny. That day ends today! 

I realized my forgiveness would help, but he needs more than my forgiveness. He needs an encounter with his Father! He needs to know deep within his heart that God His Father loves him. He is not a failure in God the Father's eyes. He needs to know this truth and it will set him free. His name is Tommy, just like mine. I pray he will read this blog and the podcast I am dedicating to him this week and all those captives of the fear of failure. Bless you, Tommy! Your Dad loves you and so do I. Last week, I did not remember who you were. This morning I prayed for you and My Father poured into my heart His love for you, so I can truthfully say I love you. Our Father loves is a big, big way for He is a good, good Father!

Experiencing your Father's love is much greater than any forgiveness I could give you. May you see yourself through His eyes! Once you do, it will break any addiction, you will be free and it will be glorious! Your Father wants you to come to Him, when you do He will say to you "That's my boy, I am so proud to be your Father!