Papa Tom's Tales Book 1 and 2 Bundle

Papa Tom's Tales Book 1 and 2 Bundle

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Luke the Lightbearer Defeats the Spirit of Confusion

Book Two of Papa Tom's Tales takes the Papa Tom's Tales series to a new level; a little more edgy, more dramatic illustrations with more action. The topic is a controversial topic dealing with the issue of confusion in the lives of children over the issue of transgender and gender dysphoria. Naturally, these large words are not presented in the book. Simply put a young boy is led to believe that they are a girl by the name their father gives them. The child has a boy's body and finds things quite troubling and confusing. Luke the Lighbearer, the protagonist in all the Papa Tom's Tales books, meets this child in a playground and introduces him/her to His Father in Heaven. God the Father shares with this young child the backstory of how he received the name Susan from his father. The Spirit of Confusion is exposed and defeated. God teaches Luke and Samuel new truths. The Saga continues as Light continues to defeat the Darkness!

The Boy Who Found His Name

Book Number One of Papa Tom’s Tales is the story of a child who did not know their identity. Luke the Light-bearer, helps a child find their identity by meeting with the One who gives each of us our own identity. Luke’s role in life is to bring light and truth into the world. Follow the story of how one child comes to understand who they are when they meet the Father of us all. This imaginative story comes from a dream Papa Tom received. While completely fictional, it underscores several truths about life and how we attain our identity. In so doing gives us a foundation in our personhood from which we can address all the issues of life. Book Number One is the first of a series of 12 books, each one dealing with a specific fear and how the love of God will overcome each and every fear.