A Young Boy Expresses the Passion of the Father's Heart!

One of the definitions of the word Passion is "to express strong, barely controllable emotion". There was a moment in my Grandson's life last week in which this occurred. Luke was walking behind his home wherein his family had a garden and a chicken coup. He noticed there was movement in the chicken coup, so he looked closer. A hawk had gotten into the chicken coup, killed one of his favorite chickens and was eating it. Luke flew into a rage, thought nothing of his own safety, and attacked the hawk with his bare hands, ripping the hawk's talons off his dead chicken and battling the hawk, threw him away from the chicken coup. Luke, went home crying, scratched and bleeding to his Mom and told her this story. This  story shows a little boy's heart who desired to passionately protect something he loved. God the Father is building His Father's Heart in a young man who will one day make a beautiful father.