Can you really help someone, or just rescue them?

There was a time in my journey through my business career, when I met my wealthiest client at one of his hotels. I met him in on the second floor in the manager's office overlooking the garage. My client was about 75 years old and when I walked into his office, he turned from the window and said "Tom, I have come to the realization that you cannot really help anyone!" I looked at him, thinking in my mind with all his wealth he could really help a lot of people, and asked him to explain. He replied by saying come here to the window and then pointed down into the parking lot at a man who was dressed in a rumpled suit, sitting by the curb, drinking from a brown paper bag. My client said to me: "See that old man down there" and I said "Yes". He is my brother. He is an alcoholic. I have had him on the payroll for many years, yet I cannot help him. I suppose I can rescue someone, if they were in an accident or something; but, I cannot help truly help anyone." Ultimately, we need to make a decision. We have free will and we need to choose. 

In a world, wherein the powers that be, want to control us through various forms of fear, it great to know that we can still choose. It is one of the greatest gifts our Father has given to us.