Do You have a Covering?

The word "covering" means to put something on top of or, in front of something (or someone) in order to protect or conceal it. In this time of great fear spreading around the globe, people are crying out for a "covering", something or someone to protect them! Welcome to the arms of your Father! He is the One and only One who can give you the Peace and comfort you seek. Furthermore, He knew you would want Him and need Him. He knew you would ask, so He provided you a covering 2,000 years ago. It was the most valuable covering ever known; it was a blood covering. If you receive Him who gave His blood for you, then you enter His family; the family of God.....a new indestructible bloodline!

No matter what happens after that, no matter what comes out of the gates of shall be protected, after all, its the least a good, good Father could do for His children. It's gets much better from there. If you want access to the Father there is only one way to meet Him: through His Son.

The Father's Heart Media is dedicated to promoting the Father's Heart which means to "Protect, Provide and Mentor".