Effective Discernment of Spirit in people is Spiritual not Soulish.

Yesterday evening I spent time in a Homeschooling Convention in Jacksonville, FL. I had walked to the Convention from my hotel earlier in the evening. Later in the evening around 9:00pm when the Convention closed I could not walk back due to torrential rains. Many people were leaving the convention and running to their cars in the parking lot. I asked a number of people for a ride for several blocks to my hotel. No one was willing to give me a ride. The fear in their eyes was palpable. I was a stranger. Everyone had been taught; don't give rides to strangers. Everyone was operating out of a default mechanism they had been taught. Everyone was discerning from the perspective of their conditioning; no one was responding out of their spirit man. Was a grandfather, though a stranger, a threat to them? How could they discern friend or foe? Eventually, the rain stopped and I walked back to my hotel. Fear stops us from taking action, sometimes that is healthy, at other times not so much. How do we discern the difference?