Entropy: Nothing remains constant. Where are you moving toward: Order or Chaos?

The word entropy is interesting. In physics it applies to energy degrading over time. In pragmatic terms, it refers to the process of matter decaying or the process of moving from order to chaos. The children of God are given an opportunity to co-create with God our Father during our life. In order to co-create with Him, we must understand His Word and speak truth that is contained in His Word. We can use our tongue to speak: when we do so it releases energy into the atmosphere. Our Father created everything by speaking it into existence. What a release of energy Creation was! We can do the same thing! Speak the Word! You can choose to speak to yourself and your life will come into order. If not, your life will deteriorate over time into chaos. That's a scary thought! The enemy of our soul does not want us to understand this truth and certainly does not want us to speak it. The devil continually bombards us with worry, anxiety and fear thoughts to disrupt our understanding of the Word and in so doing, inhibits us from reaching our destiny. How are you going to bring the Kingdom onto the earth today? Try speaking one truth contained in the Word and see what happens! It will make the Father's Heart very happy if you do and the world a better place!