Nothing like seeing Mom and Dad again

Just recently I had an enjoyable experience with babysitting our grandkids. There is nothing like being with grandkids without the presence of their parents for 4 days. We just missed burning down the house, and our oldest grandson almost broke his arm, but all in all it was a very rewarding experience. That being said, the most rewarding moment was the moment when the parents arrived late one night around 11:00pm. Normally, the grandkids went to bed between 8-9:00pm. But, this night they were allowed to stay up. We could not predict nor anticipate the combustible emotion our four grandkids exploded with tears of joy when their Mom walked through the door. All four grandkids ages 2,4,6,8 jumped on their Mom and burst out into tears. What a home coming! Makes you want to leave again just so you can make another come back!