The Church Has Left the Building!

There is a new movie just released entitled "Show me the Father". The trailer shows it contains 5 true stories of relationships people have had with their fathers. Recently I had a conversation with a new associate about the subject of knowing the Father's love and I was immediately inspired to write a new book entitled "Some Call Him Father". I feel an deep urge within me to help people connect with God the Father as Dad. How few know Him as Dad!  At a time in history when the whole world is crying out in fear; people want help, they want to feel the comfort of the Father's love: to Protect, Provide and Teach them Truth. Our institutions have failed us: Government, Religion, Business, Education, Arts/Entertainment, Media, Family. The love of our Father shall never fail! Do you want to experience His love as Dad? As in any relationship, it starts with desire. Do you want to know Him? First off, you must believe that He exists and He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.