The Perfect Ending to a Perfect Life

These were the last words my father spoke to me before he passed from this earth. In the 12 hours before he passed, I went to see him and shared these words with my wife. She replied "Was he delusional?" The reason why my wife responded in this way was because she knew my Dad had lived a life of many bondages and addictions: alcohol, sex, pornography etc. So how could he have said that his life was "perfect"! He said it because he had done business with God right before his death and that was what God had told him. Now, when God speaks everyone listens (even E.F. Hutton). His life was not perfect is the sense of flawless, it was "perfect" in the sense of "complete". You see, my Dad realized Jesus had his back. No matter what he had done; no matter how many sins he had committed, Jesus was the "author and perfector" of his soul. Jesus told him "Got you covered, my son!"  It is complete now, everything is going to be okay! All is well with your Dad wanted to see his oldest son before he passed. He told me: God had told him "this is the perfect ending to a perfect life" and I walked through the door of his room.....what a way to die.....I bless the readers of this blog to live in peace knowing the power of this truth! Shalom Alakem!