The Traditions of Man make the Word of God to no Effect

Every tradition of man, in the context of religion, seems to have one thing in common: it creates fear! Obviously, there are many man-made traditions that seem neutral or harmless, but, why does everyone that involves religion or a deity of some form or another lead a person to think a thought that causes fear; often fear of punishment. No wonder God our Father hates religion: it interferes with His personal relationship with His Children (you and I). Traditions of men, place a veil over the truth in the Word, drawing us into our minds, placing our minds over our spirits. We start to think about things from a soulish perspective rather than a spirit perspective. When this happens, we lose contact with our Dad. He wants us to worship Him in spirit and in truth! Just like Yeshua told the woman at the well. He has our best interest at heart.