Who Has Bewitched America?

In the Lord of the Rings trilogy there is a scene in which the King of Rohan, King Theoden, is under a spell by his chief advisor, Grima, a wizard. Fortunately, Gandalf (the Good) comes on the scene and breaks the evil spell over King Theoden and he comes to his senses. While under the spell of Grima, his chief advisor, the Kingdom of Rohan starts to fall apart at the seams; everything is going in the wrong direction. When the rightful King Theoden comes to his senses he puts everything back into order again. Perhaps we may be blessed to see this situation reenacted when the rightful President returns to power in our land.

When I look at what is happening to America, I see the unrighteous Biden Administration having stolen an election and placed an elderly man with dementia in the highest position of power, "on the throne" so to speak. The evil Principality Baal (a word which means owner) one who wants to control is exercising "control" over the citizens of America, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Why are "We the People" willing let go of our freedom in exchange for safety and security? 

My thoughts move to the War over our minds. It has struck me repeatedly that the policy decisions being made at the highest levels of our government (In all three branches of our Government: Executive, Legislative and Judicial) are not stupid decisions made by ignorant people; but rather conscious, intentional decisions made by evil people. Political leaders who have covenanted with Evil now run our democratic republic, causing us to no longer function like a democratic republic operated for the benefit of the people, but rather, we are rapidly moving to a totalitarian state run by a group of Elitists who believe they know what is better for us, the citizenry. We the People have been functioning in a stupor, a cloud as it were, as if under a spell of some demonic kind. 

Since the inception of the united states for America in 1776, we were established as a nation under a Constitution that uniquely understood its mandate among the nations of the world to have derived our rights from God Himself. Our Founding Fathers understood and agreed with Divine Providence (God) that all men are created equal and possess unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We were established as the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Yet today we walk about our lives in a stupor. Our minds clouded by drugs (pharmaceuticals) and media (the domain of the Prince of the Power of the Air) pumping incantations into our minds. Our public education system no longer teaches it indoctrinates narratives. Disney (once thought by all of us to be pure as the driven snow PG) presents subliminal messages in the production of its content to seduce our children to witchcraft symbols and sexual perversions. Where does it all end? How did we get here? 

It appears to have started a long time ago, in a land far away. Possibly Frankfurt Germany to name one place of origin. The domain of the mind was explored by the Frankfurt school (Psychology) to develop methodologies to control the populace by influencing their minds. The development of these methodologies are useful for those who want power. Many deals were struck with Satan, the god of this world, who traffics in the souls of men. If one would only bow down and worship him, he would give them power. For those who were frightened that someone else would have power over them, this was a very attractive offer, a trade made in hell. Bow down and worship Satan, give him blood sacrifices. Sacrifice innocent babies and he will give you knowledge and power to control the masses. 

The end of the Age is upon us. The War of the Ages is coming to a head. The Great Awakening is upon us. Rather than being "Woke" as the left has so conveniently labeled a false consciousness, "We the People" are being "Awakened" to the Truth. The Father has a plan for us. It is a good plan; a perfect plan as everything He does is perfect. Open your eyes America and taste and see what the Father has planned for us and our country: America "We The People". Revisit the source of what made America Great in the first place: our God-given Freedom and our unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is in the Heart of the Father to bless each and every one of us with freedom. Those who founded America from the Mayflower Compact in 1620 forward, our land has been dedicated to Him. God has a Covenant with America and He is a Covenant Keeping Father who loves us more that we can comprehend as the Scripture states in Psalm 139 it's too high for us to understand (get our mind completely around the thought) of how much He loves us. Lift your head up: raise your eyes above the cacophony of narratives swirling around us. Toss off the mind control and the incantations of the Fake News media and behold your destiny in Him. See the truth of His Kingdom and allow Him to bring His Kingdom unto the earth this day. Shake off the stupor! Awake unto Righteousness as the Scripture tells us for our Redemption draws nigh!