Lead a Child To Their God-Given Destiny


Each book in the Papa Tom's Tales series will help young children

  • See Themselves Through God's Eyes

    Reading is a powerful way to illustrate Biblical principles.
  • Discover their God-Given Destiny

    The world can easily mislead children. Reading Papa Tom's tales leads children on a path to their God-Given destinies. 
  • Form a Biblical Foundation

    If we do not teach our kids, the world will. Papa Tom's Tales reinforces a Biblical world view.
  • Get To Know God The Father

    Papa Tom's Tales depict the nature and heart of God. Each book helps children know they are loved and have a higher purpose.
  • Learn About The Holy Spirit

    Each Spirit-Filled book helps children understand God The Father, The Son, and Holy Spirit.


"Unless you change & become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." Matt 18:3

 As children get older, it seems like the cosmos of their thinking gets more and more closed down, unfortunately, but God didn't create us that way! The Lord wants us to open our minds up. 

Author Tom Clark says, "I love the interaction I have with my grandchildren. One of the biggest interactions we enjoy together is reading books. There's something kinetic and special when you can sit your grandchild on your lap and begin reading. I never visited bookstores with my children. It wasn't until I had grandchildren that I sought out good, Spirit-Filled books to read to children. I found one excellent author out of looking at hundreds of books, which was a problem. This gave way to my series, Papa Tom's Tales."


BOOK ONE | The Boy Who Found His Name

Book Number One of Papa Tom’s Tales is the story of a child who did not know their identity. 

Luke the Light-bearer, helps a child find their identity by meeting with the One who gives each of us our own identity. Luke’s role in life is to bring light and truth into the world. 

Follow the story of how one child comes to understand who they are when they meet the Father of us all. This imaginative story comes from a dream Papa Tom received. 

While completely fictional, it underscores several truths about life and how we attain our identity. In so doing gives us a foundation in our personhood from which we can address all the issues of life. 

Book Number One is the first of a series of 12 books, each one dealing with a specific fear and how the love of God will overcome each and every fear.

Start reading Spirit-Filled books to your little ones.

Help them fulfill their God-given destinies. 


Book 1: Fear of not knowing who you are or identity

Book 2: Mistaken identity or confused gender

Book 3: Fear of forgotten identity

Book 4: Fear of abandonment or being left in an orphanage

Book 5: Fear of rejection

Book 6: Fear of doing something wrong or guilt

Book 7: Fear of being a bad person or shame Book 8: Fear of intimidation or bullying

Book 9: Fear of insufficiency or never having enough

Book 10: Fear of punishment

Book 11: Fear of failure

Book 12: Fear of not being accepted



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